How we sold a painting in a month without traffic

Art case study: the result of a month of work with the personal brand of Portuguese artist "Wow"

Maria approached GAGARIN with the issue that she had been running her personal Instagram for many years, but wasn't making any sales. It was unclear whether art could be sold online or not, and she wanted to try, but was scared. And most importantly: where to start?

Project tram:

project manager, smm-specialist, designer, translator

  • We work

    on the design and change the layout

  • We are searching
    for references for visual and content for reels together with our competitors.
  • Write
    content plan, finding out what the client's product is and how to present it
  • Unpacking

    personality through posts and stories

  • We draw up

    a content strategy and bring the painting to sale

  • We get pleasure

    and fiery feedback (at the end of the case)

How it was and how it became


Through Maria's appearance and image, we can convey:

  • a bright personality
  • freedom,
  • wind in the hair and the romance of the sky and the sea.

But at the same time, it was important that this was not cheap romance in the style of "classic France, flowers, and coffee cups".

It was important for us to actively showcase the client's paintings on the account. As through this type of visual, we warm up the audience for sales.

We also put emphasis on reels, which brought results. We attracted new audiences to the profile and warmed them up with new content.

In the first month of work, the first painting was sold!